Interested in being part of our global community?

You came to the right place! 🙌

We're lucky to have a vibrant community that constantly introduces new people to our organization and helps many more grow their skills. Hailing from around the world, members host virtual events, build a local community, start projects and so much more — and we're always looking to partner in new ways!

The Girls in STEM Discord Community

is a supportive public community that provides and promotes tools, discussions, and exclusive events for high school and college students.

Here you will:

1. Interact with other leaders and girls interested in the same fields you are.

2. Get notified about outstanding opportunities — summer programs, internships, scholarships, volunteering projects, anything!

3. Join channels to get resume feedback, interview prep, or any advice.

4. Be the first to know about all future Girls in STEM launches and events

5. Directly influence how we expand and interact with the community

Chapters Program

Hundreds of people gather in our local chapters to inspire each other, gain new academic and leadership skills, meet virtually, and just have fun. These chapters are moderated by Girls in STEM to ensure it's a safe place for everyone!

Start Your Own Chapter

Want to start your own community like the ones above? We'd love to work with you.

First, check if a similar group already exists. If so, consider reaching out to the moderator to see how you might be able to get involved.

Before creating your own group, please be sure to review the Code of Conduct and Brand Guidelines. Adhering to these standards is required to partner with us.

See our full guide to starting a group here.

For questions, check out our informative document or send us a note.



Contribute your Expertise

Host an event or webinar

We're thrilled to see community members organize virtual events around Girls in STEM. This is a fun way to meet new people and give back to the community.

In-person meetups are prohibited until further notice.

Create an event page using your platform of choice - Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

Promote your event and share it with us so we can help promote it on social media.

Get started here!

See our upcoming events here

Follow us to stay updated with our latest and approaching events - webinars so you can jump into any that strike your fancy

Ambassadors Program

Composed of passionate, volunteer enthusiasts who teach, share and promote our initiatives, including programs and events, with others. They work closely with local chapters, organize online events, share translations, and much more.

Amplify your content on social media

Please tag us (@girlsinstemorg) on social media when talking about our organization or STEM-related opportunities — we'd love to check them out!

Digital Downloads

Take Girls in STEM art with you wherever you go - online and off.