Description of Girls in STEM

Girls in STEM's mission is to create innovative, accessible learning experiences and opportunities for underrepresented and underprivileged high school and college students. Through our programs, Girls in STEM has made a global impact, with representation in over 40 countries from all over the globe. We have expanded to 38 chapters at school and regional levels in 15 countries, hosted 5 educational virtual events, and connected 4,000+ teens through a powerful social media and Discord community. Our primary initiatives are as follows:

  • Ewgis Research Institute, which is a month-long summer mentorship program that pairs each scholar with one of our expert mentors to work on an independent research project.

  • Chapters Program, which offers high school and college students access to a tight-knit community where they can connect, learn, grow, and develop new skills while locally providing educational events.

  • Year-round workshops and conferences on a wide range of STEM topics and networking events.

  • More about our work can be found under “Initiatives”


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